What is Plugin

  • A Plugin is a .Net Assembly, where we can write the custom business logic by using C# language for Dynamics CRM.
  • The Plugin code is executed when any action is happened in the CRM, for example Create, Delete, Update, Reading of the entity records. There are many more plugin messages available in CRM SDK.
  • All these Actions are called Plugin Messages, i.e., we can register the Plugin steps on Plugin messages.
  • Plugins are executed at server side.

When to Use Plugins:
⦁ When the logic needs to execute at server side.
⦁ When the requirement is complex business rules
⦁ Integrating the Dynamics CRM with other legacy System

Now we are going to learn basics To write a plugin. 
As of now we learn what plugin is and when to use, now we are going to create basic plugin which not allow duplicate names in CRM system.


  • Before going to create sample plugin need to download CRM SDK. This will provide you all the information, required SDK assemblies, and many helpful samples.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 (v8.x) Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • We will discuss about SDK once created sample plugin.

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